Lower your risk of major illness by walking regularly

I’ve been pacing and reading this morning in the Woodland. Taking the opportunity to walk whenever I can. We all know that exercise is good for us but often relate that to going to the gym or joining an aerobics class. Well, recent research has shown that something as simple as a regular walking routine [read the full story…]

Measures to encourage people to walk or cycle more: new NICE guidance

walking and cycling

Help, we’re only in the second week of December and I have already eaten 24 mince pies and 12 sausage rolls! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and to lose all self control, or so it seems. Finding ways to burn off those extra calories is the answer if you want to avoid total body [read the full story…]

It’s Walk to Work Week, so will you?

This week is Walk to Work Week. Obviously, I always walk to work; what else would I do in a woodland? Ok, I sometimes skip, if I’m feeling particularly cheery. I do use a bike sometimes too, but the choices are limited. The majority of you, though, will get in the car and perhaps you feel that your [read the full story…]