Unclear evidence on the cost-effectiveness of distance lifestyle counselling for weight control in the workplace

Being overweight is bad for your health, but finding the time and resources to address this can be difficult. Using distance communication technology, such as e-mail or telephone, can help make person-to-person counselling more accessible to working adults. This isn’t the first time we’ve looked at interventions of this nature at The Lifestyle Elf, but [read the full story…]

Injury prevention apps: Are they making substantiated claims?

Staying injury-free is an important piece to living a healthy, ongoing and active lifestyle. While taking part in physical activity always puts you at greater risk of injury, research in the past two decades has helped us better understand measures we can take to both better prevent and treat injuries, potentially decreasing some of the [read the full story…]

Text messages can help smokers quit finds Cochrane review

Texting has just turned 20, with the first text message (“Merry Christmas”) sent on 3rd December 1992. Not that it was possible to send a reply, as that bit hadn’t quite been worked out. Any idea how many UK adults now text at least once a day? Read on to find out. Texting has played a [read the full story…]

How effective and cost-effective are electronic aids designed to help smokers quit?

It’s getting a bit nippy down here in the Woodland of a morning lately.  I’ve been waking up to a haze of fog and a carpet of leaves.  At least it’s fog of the au naturel kind – better than the cigar fog I used to wake up to from Elder Elf next door!  He’s [read the full story…]

Online obesity treatment programmes show promise

Today I’m returning to the topic of ‘telehealth’, with the latest evidence on how computers may help people who are struggling with their weight. A new Cochrane review, published this week, looks at the evidence for the effectiveness of interactive computer programmes in helping overweight or obese people lose weight and to help maintain weight [read the full story…]

Computer and web-based interventions can improve eating behaviour and/or diet related physical outcomes in children and adolescents

The ‘silver surfers’ in the woodland have been keener than ever to get online this week since our post on eHealth Literacy in the older generation.  I thought it was time now that we turned our attention to the younger generation and how they might benefit from telehealth intervention. There has been a steady rise [read the full story…]

Text messaging reminders for healthcare appointments: review finds limited evidence in favour

Telehealth, the use of technologies such as phones and the internet to help prevent or manage a range of conditions, is a topic which pops up quite frequently in this bit of the woodland. This week, we’ll be looking at three pieces of research in this area. The first is a new Cochrane review on [read the full story…]

Phones show promise as a means of promoting exercise and a healthy diet

Phones, laptops, ipads, they’re all around us aren’t they? I just had a quick look around Elf HQ and there are more bits of technical kit between me and the coffee mugs than I could shake an old-fashioned stick at. The use of technologies such as telephones and the internet to deliver interventions which aim to [read the full story…]