Injury prevention apps: Are they making substantiated claims?

Staying injury-free is an important piece to living a healthy, ongoing and active lifestyle. While taking part in physical activity always puts you at greater risk of injury, research in the past two decades has helped us better understand measures we can take to both better prevent and treat injuries, potentially decreasing some of the [read the full story…]

Government responds to committee’s challenges on sports and exercise medicine

In a week when we’ve witnessed the quite astonishing feat of a man leaping from space (then landing on his feet and walking, surely redefining ‘cool’), my own physical exertions seem, well, rather poor. I have a sudden rush of sympathy for the lad sitting next to the young Isaac Newton when he does the [read the full story…]

The Olympics, sport, health and you

The countdown to The Games is over and it seems that hosting the Olympics has messed with the British ‘can’t do’, ‘doesn’t matter if you don’t win as long as you do your best,’ attitude. We’re all potential Olympians now. The NHS Live well website asks the surprising question ‘Which Olympian are you like?‘ I [read the full story…]