It’s No Smoking Day – will you join the ranks of those quitting smoking?

‘Swap Fags For Swag’ is the theme of this year’s No Smoking Day, which is today. This new campaign puts the emphasis on how smoking hits the pocket and visitors to the We Quit site, which is available all year, can try out a new tool to show how much money they spend on tobacco [read the full story…]

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“Only at parties” smokers: new survey of occasional smokers and a campaign to reach them

The flags are out in our bit of the woodland today after the announcement that the UK government is to follow Australia’s lead and introduce plain packaging for cigarettes this year and may also ban smoking in cars carrying children. A campaign just launched in Norway is concerned with another aspect of how to reduce [read the full story…]

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Can a board-game help increase smokers’ knowledge and willingness to quit?

Hard on the heels of our look at the latest research on the health risks of being sedentary and some simple ways we can increase our fitness and reduce these, today I’m highlighting an approach to smoking cessation which gets people sitting down! Now one thing which gets me sitting down is the chance to play [read the full story…]

More intensive behavioural support means more smokers successfully quit, finds new Cochrane review

Talk to anyone who’s ever given up smoking, or tried to, and they’ll tell you that it’s hard. Very hard. Here in the UK, you’ll probably be offered support in the form of individual or group sessions as well as nicotine replacement products and you can read more about that, including where to find your free local NHS [read the full story…]

Text messages can help smokers quit finds Cochrane review

Texting has just turned 20, with the first text message (“Merry Christmas”) sent on 3rd December 1992. Not that it was possible to send a reply, as that bit hadn’t quite been worked out. Any idea how many UK adults now text at least once a day? Read on to find out. Texting has played a [read the full story…]

Quitting smoking is always worth it but the sooner the better, finds major new study

A new research study on smoking has hit the headlines this week and rightly so. This large study, from a team at Oxford University, followed over a million women aged 50 to 69 over twelve years to look at the health hazards of smoking over many years and the benefits of quitting. The hazards among people in middle age [read the full story…]

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Can incentives help children resist starting smoking?

Who doesn’t like the chance to win a prize? I can still remember the thrill of taking my turn at the Egg & Bacon competition at our summer féte, when I was a very small elf. You had to choose an egg from a box, all looking the same, but only some were still whole. [read the full story…]

Cochrane review finds combining medication with behavioural support helps smokers quit

It’s been great to see all the tweets from people quitting smoking this month as part of the Stoptober campaign, and there’s been plenty of encouragement and support for them in the twittersphere, along with tips to help them beat the cravings and keep going. I’ve been doing my best to keep my neighbour Elder [read the full story…]

How effective and cost-effective are electronic aids designed to help smokers quit?

It’s getting a bit nippy down here in the Woodland of a morning lately.  I’ve been waking up to a haze of fog and a carpet of leaves.  At least it’s fog of the au naturel kind – better than the cigar fog I used to wake up to from Elder Elf next door!  He’s [read the full story…]

Can partners help smokers give up? Common sense says yes but evidence lacking

This woman wants to help her partner give up smoking. It’s ‘Stoptober’, so she knows they can get some tips from the NHS Smokefree website and that he would be joining thousands of others attempting to quit this month. She thinks she’ll get onto the alcohol later. It’s a little early for the Santa hat, [read the full story…]