How can we get kids to be more active at school? New review highlights gaps

boy looking through hole in playground equipment

What do you remember about school break times? Did we fall into predictable groups, with boys playing football and girls walking round arm in arm, sharing gossip? It seems to me, looking back, that it was a time spent on the move, one way and another, and from a health perspective that was a Good [read the full story…]

Schools can help to prevent kids starting smoking

“See you round the back of the bike shed at lunchtime?”  That was a familiar whisper from a rebellious bunch of elf maidens when I was at school.  To be followed by a lot of giggling and a smoke cloud rising up from the aforementioned bike shed just after the bell rang.  In those days [read the full story…]

Resolving to be kinder in 2013: pre-teens happier and more popular for being kind to others, study finds

How are you doing with your New Year’s resolutions? Lifestyle choices commonly feature on such lists of course, with Christmas excesses and the ‘clean slate’ effect of starting a new year prompting us to resolve to eat more healthily, drink less alcohol and more water, and take more exercise. Here in the UK we look [read the full story…]

Giving teens life skills plus information looks a promising combination in preventing substance misuse

When it comes to encouraging youngsters to make healthy lifestyle choices and to resist the temptations of addictive and harmful substances such as tobacco, drugs and alcohol, schools can play a vital role. But how can they best do that? An appraisal of a systematic review on school-based marijuana and alcohol prevention programmes targeting ten to [read the full story…]

Computer and web-based interventions can improve eating behaviour and/or diet related physical outcomes in children and adolescents

The ‘silver surfers’ in the woodland have been keener than ever to get online this week since our post on eHealth Literacy in the older generation.  I thought it was time now that we turned our attention to the younger generation and how they might benefit from telehealth intervention. There has been a steady rise [read the full story…]

Obesity prevention programmes can benefit children says Cochrane review

By 2030, at least 30% more of us will be diagnosed with cancer than in 2008, according to new estimates released by the World Cancer Research Fund. What’s more, it will be our own fault, either because we have lived too long (with cancer affecting mainly the over-60s) or because we have drunk too much [read the full story…]