The New York Tobacco Control Program may be cost-effective

Money, cigarettes and health

Reducing the prevalence of tobacco use is best achieved through a range of tobacco control measures designed to both prevent or reduce uptake, and encourage and support existing smokers to stop smoking. These measures can include education, taxation and cessation support, but while all of these have been shown to be effective, there remains uncertainty [read the full story…]

Uptake of plain packaging was associated with reduced satisfaction from smoking and increased will to quit

A packet of fags

We are constantly told by the tobacco lobby that we need more evidence for plain (i.e. unbranded) cigarette packaging as a public health measure. This in spite of the vast sums they spend on, er, packaging, marketing, lobbying etc.  Presumably for no benefit to themselves.  This tremendous example of commercial philanthropy in support of the [read the full story…]

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The ugly truth about England’s health: the Chief Medical Officer reports

We’ve got something a bit different for you this week, as we stand back and take a look at how we’re doing as a nation in terms of our health and wellbeing and also, individually, at different stages of our lives. I’m kicking this off today by flagging up volume one of the first annual report from [read the full story…]