Health benefits of Nordic walking

So it’s day 11 of the New Year and you’re half way through the second week of sticking to your lose weight, get fit resolutions (or so I hope!). Fed up of running round the block yet or swimming up and down, up and endlessly down the local pool?  Well, I might just have an [read the full story…]

Cochrane review finds inhaled pain relief may benefit women in labour but can have side effects

I’m ending the week with another blog for all you expectant mums out there and this time I’m looking at a subject all of you will be interested in – pain relief (analgesia) during labour, and specifically inhaled analgesia. Inhaled analgesia, such as nitrous oxide and some flurane derivatives, can be very useful in labour, [read the full story…]

New review evidence shows caffeine makes painkillers more effective

Earlier in the week I wrote about snoring but now, as Stop Snoring Week draws to a close, it’s time too wake up and smell the coffee! For it’s also UK Coffee Week, which focuses on raising money for Project Waterfall, delivering clean water projects in African coffee-producing countries, and I have some good news about caffeine. [read the full story…]