Can friends influence your body weight?

OK people, hands up if you think there’s nothing better than a good friend turning up on your toadstool, unless it’s a good friend with chocolate! I’m thinking that there will be quite a lot of hands in the air right now. Oh yes, if your best friend is about to eat half a chocolate [read the full story…]

Do lifestyle interventions for preventing weight gain in young adults work?

Here in the Woodland I’ve been quietly checking out the young adult elves amongst us. Trying to figure out if the research that shows that younger generations are gaining weight faster than their parents is indeed true. It’s a crazy time isn’t it, the action packed years between 18 and 35? You head out into [read the full story…]

More evidence that obese children are at higher risk of cardiovascular disease

If you’re an overweight adult, you are at increased risk of a load of health problems you don’t want, including cardiovascular diseases (CVD). These affect the heart and blood vessels and include coronary heart disease and stroke. As for children, evidence for a similar association is building up but the link is less well understood, including the [read the full story…]

Longer, more intensive aerobic exercise programmes more effective for obese children

We finish up the week with a critical appraisal from Health Evidence Canada, on a meta-analysis of studies on improvement in aerobic fitness in obese children and adolescents, following a variety of interventions, which was published in the International Journal of Pediatric Obesity last year. They assessed the review as being ‘strong’ in terms of how well it was [read the full story…]

Online obesity treatment programmes show promise

Today I’m returning to the topic of ‘telehealth’, with the latest evidence on how computers may help people who are struggling with their weight. A new Cochrane review, published this week, looks at the evidence for the effectiveness of interactive computer programmes in helping overweight or obese people lose weight and to help maintain weight [read the full story…]

Antenatal exercise helps reduce weight gain in pregnant overweight or obese women

When I think back to my younger elf, I can see it now; the moment I found out I was pregnant. Flopping down onto the nearest toadstool and hanging up my running shoes, “Yay! I can eat what I like, when I like. All. The. Time.” That was wishful thinking! Weight gain during pregnancy is [read the full story…]

Can male-only weight loss programmes be effective?

The kind of questions you hear bandied around these parts by the body image conscious Elf maidens are, ‘Does my bum look big in this tunic?’ or  ‘Are my ears way too small?’  The Elf males just don’t seem to have the same insecurities.  Maybe some do though eh? Maybe they are just too shy [read the full story…]

New Cochrane review on weight loss and asthma control

The ‘obesity epidemic’ of recent decades has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the number of people with asthma, and there is a lot of interest in investigating a possible link between the two conditions. Obesity is also associated with poorer control of asthma symptoms, with overweight asthmatics not responding so well to inhaled [read the full story…]

New evidence further tips the scales against low carbohydrate-high protein diets

‘Flabs to abs in a day!’, ‘Thin in a fortnight!’, ‘Eat What You Like And Still Lose Weight!’. You know the kind of thing. We are constantly bombarded by diets that promise to help us shed the extra pounds and get the bodies we always wanted. We also get conflicting information; one week this or that [read the full story…]

Britain: a nation of Telly-tubbies?

When your children come home from school today, what’s the betting they’ll flop down in front of the telly, with just a brief detour to the kitchen to grab something to eat while they watch? British children and adolescents aged 5-16 spend on average 2.7 hours per day watching TV, according to a recent survey, [read the full story…]