Fat is a local issue

Next month, responsibility for managing obesity as a public health problem passes from the Primary Care Trusts to the local authorities (LAs) and the National Obesity Observatory (the NOO, itself undergoing a change, as it will become part of Public Health England from April 1st) has just launched a new online resource to help LAs [read the full story…]

New guides to evaluating dietary and physical activity interventions from the National Obesity Observatory

If you are involved in dietary or physical activity interventions, as a commissioner, manager, local authority lead, practitioner or evaluator, this is for you! You are the people the National Obesity Observatory (NOO) had in mind in producing two new Standard Evaluation Frameworks on these two topics. All too often, the impact of an intervention [read the full story…]

Britain: a nation of Telly-tubbies?

When your children come home from school today, what’s the betting they’ll flop down in front of the telly, with just a brief detour to the kitchen to grab something to eat while they watch? British children and adolescents aged 5-16 spend on average 2.7 hours per day watching TV, according to a recent survey, [read the full story…]