Government responds to committee’s challenges on sports and exercise medicine

In a week when we’ve witnessed the quite astonishing feat of a man leaping from space (then landing on his feet and walking, surely redefining ‘cool’), my own physical exertions seem, well, rather poor. I have a sudden rush of sympathy for the lad sitting next to the young Isaac Newton when he does the [read the full story…]

The next move in cutting smoking rates as large shops are required to hide tobacco.

From this Friday, all large shops in England must hide tobacco products from view in a move to reduce the number of young people who are tempted to start smoking and to help those who are trying to quit. Ensuring that retailers comply with the regulations will be key, if the change is to have [read the full story…]

Welsh campaign for smoke-free cars but do smoke bans work?

“Smoking in cars poisons your children”. This was the message the First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones put across last summer when she announced that the Welsh Government would consider banning smoking in cars carrying children if the next three years did not see a fall in children being exposed to smoke in this way. [read the full story…]

Helping adolescents resist smoking – is plain packaging the next step?

Hard on the heels of Imperial Tobacco’s failure to overturn a ban in Scotland on the open display of cigarettes in shops comes today’s brouhaha about a report from the Adam Smith Institute which claims that introducing plain packaging for cigarettes, a measure being considered by the UK government, would have no effect on smoking rates and [read the full story…]