Perineal massage cuts risk of needing stitches after giving birth

woman cuddling her new baby

Listen up all you pregnant women out there, for I have good news for you today. Unless you are about to give birth any day now, that is, in which case best of luck with that! When I was pregnant, more than a decade ago, it was all yoga and perineal massage in my bit [read the full story…]

Cochrane review finds inhaled pain relief may benefit women in labour but can have side effects

I’m ending the week with another blog for all you expectant mums out there and this time I’m looking at a subject all of you will be interested in – pain relief (analgesia) during labour, and specifically inhaled analgesia. Inhaled analgesia, such as nitrous oxide and some flurane derivatives, can be very useful in labour, [read the full story…]