Overweight children at risk of high blood pressure in teens

I’m afraid there isn’t really any way to soften this: children who are overweight are at risk of becoming unhealthy adults. A new study from Australia, highlighted in the BMJ, looked at obesity levels in a group of nearly 1200 children, followed from birth. They found that: 14 year olds with lifelong high adiposity (fatness) [read the full story…]

Eating baby walruses. Does knowing what’s in your food affect what you choose?

Hungry? You nip into that fast food ‘restaurant’. The menu says ‘The BigBlubberBurger contains as much fat as a baby walrus’. It is possible that, knowing this, you won’t choose the BigBlubberBurger but will go for the healthier LeanOFillet, which contains only a teeny tiny bit of fat (say, equivalent to a small squirrel). At [read the full story…]