Do antihypertensive drugs do more harm than good in patients with mild hypertension?

I know that I can be prone to bouts of high blood pressure (hypertension) particularly when I see those pesky goblins careering round the woodland causing havoc – they certainly make my blood boil!  There are plenty of people out there though who have no idea they suffer from this condition and that ultimately their [read the full story…]

Look after your heart and start by cutting down saturated fat

You only live once. That’s the strapline for Men’s Health Week and the Men’s Health Forum’s campaign focusing on heart health, with heart disease the biggest killer of men in the UK. This seemed a good moment for me to look at the evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration on one aspect of heart health, the effect of [read the full story…]

Don’t smoke if you love your heart. But how to stop young people starting?

It takes a special occasion for me to forgo my favourite green outfit, but today I’m in toadstool red in support of The British Heart Foundation’s National Wear Red Day, which aims to raise awareness of heart disease and what we can do to be ‘heart healthy’, as well as funds for their work. Heart [read the full story…]