Helping older people in care homes and hospitals to avoid falls: new Cochrane evidence

We all know that falls can have very serious consequences for older people, and there are around three times as many falls amongst the over 65s in care homes and hospitals than out in the community. Back in the summer, I blogged about a Cochrane review on strategies to prevent falls in this population and this has [read the full story…]

New Cochrane review has strong evidence that some interventions can reduce falls in older people

The Elf Mother is worried about falling, as well she might be, for a fall can have serious consequences in later life and may mean that a person who had been living independently is no longer able to do so. Around 30% of people aged over 65 and living in the community fall each year. Today’s new [read the full story…]

Exercises done within daily activities may reduce falls in older people

As the Olympics draw to a close, I’m turning my attention from amazing sporting feats by those at the peak of fitness to the health and wellbeing of older people, and in particular what can be done to reduce the rate of falls amongst this large sector of society. The BMJ has published the results of a randomised [read the full story…]

Whole body vibration exercise can be an effective therapy in old age

A woman exercising in a gym

Calling all you sexagenarian-plus elders out there!  If it’s good vibrations and excitations you’re looking for in order to improve your balance and walking then a team from Barcelona in Spain may have the answer. In fact, using whole body vibration (WBV) to improve body performance is not a new idea but the use of [read the full story…]

Preventing falls in nursing homes and hospitals: what works?

Falls are a serious problem for older people. In one year, half of those aged over eighty will fall and about a third of those aged sixty-five to eighty. Falls can have significant mental and physical consequences and can reduce or even end an older person’s independence. This week, the charity Age UK has been running [read the full story…]

Exercise reduces risk and rate of falls in older people

You may have seen, and marvelled at, recent video footage of an incredible 86 year old, Johanna Quaas, performing gymnastic feats on the parallel bars and mats of Turnier Der Meister exhibition floor. I sense that fear of falling is not something that’s in her head at all, but it is a significant concern for [read the full story…]