Measures to encourage people to walk or cycle more: new NICE guidance

walking and cycling

Help, we’re only in the second week of December and I have already eaten 24 mince pies and 12 sausage rolls! ‘Tis the season to be jolly and to lose all self control, or so it seems. Finding ways to burn off those extra calories is the answer if you want to avoid total body [read the full story…]

Government responds to committee’s challenges on sports and exercise medicine

In a week when we’ve witnessed the quite astonishing feat of a man leaping from space (then landing on his feet and walking, surely redefining ‘cool’), my own physical exertions seem, well, rather poor. I have a sudden rush of sympathy for the lad sitting next to the young Isaac Newton when he does the [read the full story…]

Oh I say – it’s Stoptober!

We’re loving our weekend fix of the period drama  ‘Downton Abbey’ in this bit of the woodland, and it’s quite transformed Monday mornings, when we now greet each other with cries of “I do love you so terribly much!” and “have you done something jolly with your hair?” But have you noticed there’s not nearly as [read the full story…]

Department of Health’s new Start4Life pack to help mums-to-be stop smoking

Smoking in pregnancy

Smoking in pregnancy increases the risk of serious health problems, including lower birth weight, pre-term birth, problems with the placenta and even death of the baby. It is also one of the few risk factors that can be changed. The Department of Health has published a report about women’s smoking status at time of delivery, [read the full story…]

Sport and Exercise Medicine doctors aim to get us moving

Why exercise? One very good reason, according to a new report from the Department of Health, is that regular exercisers are 30-50% less likely to be affected by conditions such as stroke, cancer, ischaemic heart disease, obesity and diabetes, dementia and depression. Yet persuading people who are sedentary, unfit or unwell to change their behaviour [read the full story…]

Let’s Get Moving – how the Department of Health will tip us off the sofa

Here comes the weekend! Hands up all those of you who are going to spend a large proportion of it on the sofa. Anyone doing a spot of light archery? Ok, anyone walking anywhere? Briskly? For at least 30 minutes? As many as 27 million adults are not active enough to benefit their health, the [read the full story…]

Chief Medical Officer highlights dangers of Vitamin D deficiency

If you think rickets is a thing of the past, think again. A condition caused by lack of vitamin D, affecting growing bones, rickets was widespread in 19th century Britain amongst the urban poor but died out in the early part of the last century. It is now appearing again, with several hundred cases of [read the full story…]