Objective evidence that active kids do better at school

Children playing football

Recent studies have suggested that physical activity helps children to do better at their studies.  Some of these studies have been hampered by difficulties with reliably measuring the amount of activity that actually goes on.  Others have been limited by a short duration or small sample size.  And all have been hampered by the possible [read the full story…]

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How can we help parents keep their children safe from injury at home?

young dad kissing baby

We’ll wrap up our look at evidence on injuries this week with a move away from sports into the home. Not many of us run marathons, but we all run the risk of injury from everyday hazards and need to think how we can minimize the risks and keep ourselves and our families safe. So [read the full story…]

Schools can help to prevent kids starting smoking

“See you round the back of the bike shed at lunchtime?”  That was a familiar whisper from a rebellious bunch of elf maidens when I was at school.  To be followed by a lot of giggling and a smoke cloud rising up from the aforementioned bike shed just after the bell rang.  In those days [read the full story…]

Getting children to eat their greens (and reds and yellows): a new Cochrane review

I was a very fortunate young elf as one of my worst memories is of being made to sit in front of a plate of marrow until I ate it, which isn’t going to make much of a misery memoir, is it? The marrow got colder and (I swear) slimier. I still hate marrow. Still, there is [read the full story…]

Healthy mums, healthy children: a child obesity prevention programme

We all know that prevention is better than cure, and I was really interested to come across a recent Australian study which investigated a programme aimed at preventing obesity in children through working with first-time mums. It aimed to influence their behaviour in terms of diet, physical activity and TV viewing time, to reduce the risk [read the full story…]

Exercise by breastfeeding mums did not affect babies growth

Can breastfeeding mums exercise without any negative effects on their milk? There has been some debate about this, particularly with regard to whether lactic acid building up in the mother’s system might alter the taste and make it less acceptable to the baby. It’s intriguing that we still have these kinds of uncertainties around this very [read the full story…]

Stop, look and listen! It’s Child Safety Week

Today sees the start of Child Safety Week, the Child Accident Prevention Trust’s annual campaign to raise awareness of the accidents that injure or kill children and what can be done to prevent them. This year, the focus is on Small Steps to Safety, encouraging small actions which help keep children safe to become part [read the full story…]

New guidelines offer tips on helping pre-schoolers eat healthily

Today is St George’s Day and I thought I’d take a look on the internet for advice on how to celebrate it. Project Britain has a list of six suggestions, two of which are ‘eat fish and chips’ and ‘go on a pub crawl’. Obesity crisis? What obesity crisis? Another suggestion is to read the [read the full story…]

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