Diet and dying: people who ate more fruit and veg were less likely to die

shopping basket with fruit and veg

This recent systematic review in the BMJ found that more fruit and veg in the diet was associated with a reduced risk of death from cancer, cardiovascular disease and other causes.

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How does UK healthcare perform and compare to other nations?

It’s hard to imagine what life was like in the UK before the National Health Service. It was a time when healthcare was unreliable and of course treatment had to be paid for. Now the UK has a free, state-run NHS. Funded by taxpayers and with a budget of more than £100 billion, it’s the [read the full story…]

Does work stress increase your risk of cancer?

TGIF. It’s been a busy old week for this little Elf. How are you doing? Feeling frazzled after a long week at work? Looking forward to the weekend? Hopefully you’ve been keeping up with both the Mental and Lifestyle Elves’ blogs this week on health and the workplace. Perhaps you’ve been employing some new tactics [read the full story…]

Exercise can help people with cancer find their get-up-and-go

We know that exercise is good for us all and it seems that aerobic exercise, including walking and cycling, may help people having treatment for cancer to beat fatigue. A Cochrane review on this topic has been updated this week and now brings together evidence from 56 randomised controlled trials involving over 4000 people. The trials explored [read the full story…]

Exercise may improve quality of life for people during and after cancer treatment

Good news is always welcome and there seems to be a fair bit of it in our neck of the woods at the moment. Today’s good news comes from the Cochrane Collaboration, with two new systematic reviews which indicate that exercise may improve quality of life both during and after cancer treatment. We know that [read the full story…]