Does high sugar intake affect cholesterol and blood pressure?

It’s been suggested that a high-intake of dietary sugars is a cause of increased blood pressure and poor lipid profile. A recent systematic review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigates further.

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Lower your risk of major illness by walking regularly

I’ve been pacing and reading this morning in the Woodland. Taking the opportunity to walk whenever I can. We all know that exercise is good for us but often relate that to going to the gym or joining an aerobics class. Well, recent research has shown that something as simple as a regular walking routine [read the full story…]

A diet low in total fat can reduce your body weight

I know, I know, it’s simply not the time of year to be worrying about this kind of thing. Feel free to finish that mince pie, close your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and give a loud ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ or two. I’m sure it comes as no surprise but with the World [read the full story…]

Could garlic be a reliable alternative therapy for the treatment of hypertension?

Following on from Monday’s post on hypertension I’ve been looking at the potential benefits of garlic as an alternative therapy for this condition.  I’ve spent the last few hours perched under the Oak Tree reading all about the ‘stinking rose’.  Known as much for its odour as well as its flavour, garlic’s scent comes primarily [read the full story…]

Do antihypertensive drugs do more harm than good in patients with mild hypertension?

I know that I can be prone to bouts of high blood pressure (hypertension) particularly when I see those pesky goblins careering round the woodland causing havoc – they certainly make my blood boil!  There are plenty of people out there though who have no idea they suffer from this condition and that ultimately their [read the full story…]

New Cochrane review finds cocoa may lower your blood pressure

I love it when we get research that says ‘chocolate is good for you’, though the reality is generally much more complicated than that. But let’s be glad of any good news we can get and today’s good news comes from high quality evidence, a new Cochrane review, published today, which found that cocoa compounds [read the full story…]

Overweight children at risk of high blood pressure in teens

I’m afraid there isn’t really any way to soften this: children who are overweight are at risk of becoming unhealthy adults. A new study from Australia, highlighted in the BMJ, looked at obesity levels in a group of nearly 1200 children, followed from birth. They found that: 14 year olds with lifelong high adiposity (fatness) [read the full story…]

High blood pressure? You may do well to cut down your salt.

As it’s Salt Awareness Week, I thought I’d look at some more evidence from the Cochrane Collaboration on the impact of salt in our diets. A recently-updated Cochrane review presents evidence from 167 randomised controlled trials (RCTs) comparing the short term impact of a low versus high sodium (salt) diet on blood pressure (BP) and [read the full story…]

Eating less salt lowers your stroke risk. And it doesn’t have to be boring.

It’s been called a divine substance. All over the world and throughout history, it has been associated with sex, with religion, with magic. It has provided an answer to everyday needs. Today its uses are said to exceed 14,000, from making drugs to dyeing textiles. I’m talking about salt. Today sees the start of Salt Awareness [read the full story…]