Huge international study investigates asthma, eczema and diet in children and teens

“Fast food link to childhood asthma and eczema” hit the headlines yesterday and, whilst there were variations on this theme, I was glad to see that the word ‘link’ was there across the headlines. All too often, research which could only show an association between one thing and another is reported in news items as though [read the full story…]

New Cochrane review on weight loss and asthma control

The ‘obesity epidemic’ of recent decades has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the number of people with asthma, and there is a lot of interest in investigating a possible link between the two conditions. Obesity is also associated with poorer control of asthma symptoms, with overweight asthmatics not responding so well to inhaled [read the full story…]

Exercise is good for asthmatics too

It’s sunny here in the woodland, at last! I’m encouraging all my fellow elves to get out there and get some exercise on this lovely morning. Exercise is good for everyone, including people with asthma. But some people find that exercise triggers asthma symptoms and may avoid it; other people with asthma find they feel [read the full story…]