Eat Right 4 Your Type: Is there good evidence?

In 1997, Peter D’Adamo published the book Eat Right 4 Your Type, a book that argues that in order to eat a healthy diet, different blood types need different diets. For instance, D’Adamo makes the claim that blood group O needs a different diet than blood group A. The book has seen tremendous commercial success, [read the full story…]

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Guest blog: Heart attacks not reduced in people taking vitamins and antioxidants

Guest blog: Today we’re kicking off National Heart Month with this guest blog, written for us by Dr Harry Boardman, who is part way through his Cardiology specialist training in Oxford. Something to think about while you are lining your vitamin and antioxidant tablets up next to the marmalade on the breakfast table tomorrow morning, [read the full story…]

Helping older people in care homes and hospitals to avoid falls: new Cochrane evidence

We all know that falls can have very serious consequences for older people, and there are around three times as many falls amongst the over 65s in care homes and hospitals than out in the community. Back in the summer, I blogged about a Cochrane review on strategies to prevent falls in this population and this has [read the full story…]

Less is more according to a new review on iron supplementation in pregnancy

Today I’ve got together with my friend the Women’s Elf, who plans to move into the woodland in the not too distant future. We were both interested to see a new Cochrane review on the benefits and harms of intermittent iron in pregnancy, published today in the Cochrane Library, which suggests that taking iron supplements [read the full story…]