Painkiller use during marathons could be a serious health risk

You’re on the starting line raring to go, the starter gun sounds and you’re off, eager and determined to give it your best. There’s a bounce in your step and a smile on your face. Twenty-six and a smidge miles later and everything won’t seem nearly so bright! The marathon will have wreaked havoc on [read the full story…]

Schools can help to prevent kids starting smoking

“See you round the back of the bike shed at lunchtime?”  That was a familiar whisper from a rebellious bunch of elf maidens when I was at school.  To be followed by a lot of giggling and a smoke cloud rising up from the aforementioned bike shed just after the bell rang.  In those days [read the full story…]

England sees a drop in unhealthy lifestyle behaviours but a widening gap between different groups

Fewer people are engaging in multiple unhealthy lifestyle behaviours, according to a new report from The King’s Fund, which looked at data from the Health Survey for England from 2003 to 2008. This is the first study of its kind in the English population. They examined the clustering of four key behaviours: smoking, excessive drinking, [read the full story…]

The Olympics, sport, health and you

The countdown to The Games is over and it seems that hosting the Olympics has messed with the British ‘can’t do’, ‘doesn’t matter if you don’t win as long as you do your best,’ attitude. We’re all potential Olympians now. The NHS Live well website asks the surprising question ‘Which Olympian are you like?‘ I [read the full story…]

Report calls for presciption of exercise as an effective and cheap ‘medicine’

We know that exercise is key in both preventing and managing disease, but the Sport and Exercise Medicine Committee Working Party of the Royal College of Physicians has found that doctors and other health professionals may lack knowledge about the benefits of exercise and also practical skills in the prescription of exercise to patients for [read the full story…]

Britain: a nation of Telly-tubbies?

When your children come home from school today, what’s the betting they’ll flop down in front of the telly, with just a brief detour to the kitchen to grab something to eat while they watch? British children and adolescents aged 5-16 spend on average 2.7 hours per day watching TV, according to a recent survey, [read the full story…]

Report warns of dangers of cannabis and general ignorance

Ignorance about the dangers of cannabis has been revealed this week in a new report from the British Lung Foundation, ‘The Impact of Cannabis on your Lungs’ (PDF). Perceived as less dangerous than tobacco by most users and as harmless by one in three, cannabis smoking carries a twenty-times greater risk of lung cancer than [read the full story…]