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Pre-wedding Rituals: Steps You Can’t Afford to Miss

One of the most important days of any couple’s lives will be their wedding day. While it may be a special day in your lives, it can also be very stressful for both of you until the day finally arrives. You need to prepare for your wedding the right way to make sure that everything

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Which Career Suits Your Lifestyle? Finding Out Which Career Suits You

There will come a time in people’s lives where choosing a career path would be inevitable. It would be natural to dread the pressure of finding the right path, especially when you feel like you’re racing against time. The pressure of finding what you are most passionate about, and then deciding to pursue it and

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Work-Life Balance

New Year, New Life: Best Activities for Millennials This 2021

A Mintel survey has found that 60% of millennials perceive their generation as the most health-conscious among any other generation. They don’t enjoy food with artificial ingredients are lean towards more organic foods. Additionally, it was found that 76% of millennials exercise regularly, with some spending thousands of dollars on gym memberships. It’s safe enough to say that millennials

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Quarantine Date Night Ideas That Foster Healthy Habits (and Build Skills)

The global outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 virus has caused an unprecedented upheaval of normal life unlike any other crises people have seen in their lifetimes. To prevent the spread of the novel disease, governments have implemented social distancing and shelter-in-place measures. As a result, couples are staying home more than ever. But the struggles of

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5 Fun Date Ideas for Couples to Keep the Spark Burning

We’ve all seen it in films. One of the critical changes that affect the relationship, in the long run, is the fading of the spark, excitement, and romance. Of course, it’s also necessary to drive the plot to be more interesting, but if Hollywood got something right when it comes to relationship problems, it’s this.

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Eclectic Living: Embrace Your Own Life

So you’ve landed a good job and will finally move into your own flat. You feel excited and anxious. You want to prove that you are finally getting ahead in life, and yet, you don’t want to fall into the expectation box of the surrounding people. You don’t have to stress about it. Just set

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Exciting Activities You Can Do with Your Spouse During a Pandemic

Traveling with your partner is one of the most recommended activities to bring excitement to a long-term relationship. It lets you experience something new together, creating memories that you will both treasure and remember for the rest of your lives. Remember seeing Mt. Fuji together for the first time, or seeing the pristine beaches of

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Six Sweet Things Every Husband Should Do for their Wives

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and scary thing for expecting moms, especially it’s their first time. It’s physically exhausting and with a lot of health considerations to make, but the thought of giving birth to another life gives the experience a whole new meaning and purpose. Your wife should not be the only one experiencing

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Things to Do During a Short Work Break

When we’re at work, we’re expected to be productive all day. Our bosses will want to see us working and accomplishing tasks from 9 AM to 5 PM. But we’re not robots, and it’s impossible to be 100% productive all day every day. We need to take a breather, too. According to ergonomics, the study of

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