Key Pointers for Achieving a Tuscan-style Home

There is something so stunning and peaceful about a Tuscan-inspired home: It instantly transports us to the charming Italian region, it tickles our inner history buff since it’s reminiscent of the Old World style of architecture and decorating, and it exemplifies the best of the Italian villa atmosphere—vineyards, rolling hills, stone walls, and rustic wooden

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small brown house

Enhancing the Curb Appeal of a Home: What You Can Do

When the pandemic started a year ago, home sales stopped as everyone stayed home to prevent the spread of the virus. A year later, home prices have risen, and the supply of homes for sale went down. The low supply came after buyers eagerly bought homes due to the low mortgage rates. Some homeowners are

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home improvement concept

Home Improvements: Transforming the Basement into a Functional Space

The home remodeling market has boomed. The sudden outbreak of the global pandemic prompted the need for shelter-in-place measures to be implemented. This also brought about the drastic shift of accomplishing daily operations at home. During the early months of the pandemic, many homeowners realized the increasing need for them to update or reconfigure their

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How to Carry Out Successful Spring Cleaning

The coming of spring signals new life. As cold dissipates, replaced by warmer temperatures, the soil begins to teem with organisms waiting to burst into existence. Soon plants sprout, revealing flowers in all shapes and colors. The leaves on trees come back like the hair on a baby’s head. You should feel the warmth the

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homes covered in snow

A Guide to Keeping Your Home Safe Throughout the Seasons

How we maintain our home and manage different aspects of it will usually reflect our personality and conduct ourselves. But not only does this become a reflection of our identity and personality, but maintaining our home is quite similar to how we need to get ourselves checked up by the doctor regularly. In the same

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person scrubbing the faucet

Your Home Improvement and Maintenance List for 2021

For every homeowner, home improvement and maintenance are never-ending tasks. Most of these projects should be done weekly, monthly, or yearly. Regardless of which part of your house should come first, it’s vital to regularly carry them out. From those minor flooring fixes to insulation installation, everything must be monitored and serviced regularly. Doing so

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big home with a pool

Mansion Amenities You Can Install in Your Home

Dreaming of owning your mansion is not a far-fetched dream. It takes courage to dream of higher things. Owning a home is the great American dream for most Americans. Even though the prices and mortgage interest rates have spiraled out of control, a large portion of the population still dreams of owning their own homes. It

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Micro Apartments Are Cool, But Here’s Why They Might Not Be

Micro living has become popular in recent years. This term refers to living in a small space but with all the essential amenities in a house: a living space, a bathroom, and a kitchen. It’s like living in a studio apartment, but much smaller. This kind of living is trendy in dense cities. Living in

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