Intensive interventions to stop harmful drinking before surgery show promise

Alcohol abuse, with heavy or hazardous drinking, increases the risk of a number of complications following surgery, such as an increased endocrine stress response, prolonged bleeding time, heart arrhythmias and poorer functioning of the immune system.The postoperative complication rate has been reported to be increased by about 50% in people drinking 3 to 4 alcohol [read the full story…]

Early interventions for substance-using adolescents show promise

Earlier this week I highlighted a systematic review of interventions to prevent children of substance-affected parents from becoming users themselves. But how about teens who are in the early stages of using drugs, alcohol or other substances, but don’t yet meet diagnostic criteria for substance abuse or dependence and so may not need specialist drug [read the full story…]

Preventing children of substance-affected parents from becoming users

Prevention is better than cure, right? When it comes to preventing drug- and alcohol-misuse, children of substance-abusing parents are a really important group to work with, as they are at higher risk of developing their own subtance-related problems, or other mental health problems, than their peers from non-substance-using families. A new systematic review from Germany has brought [read the full story…]

Would-be Dads: change your pants and don’t abandon a healthy lifestyle just yet

The spotlight’s on lifestyle issues today with the newspapers picking up on research from the Universities of Manchester and Sheffield on factors influencing sperm count. Current UK guidance from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence lists smoking, drinking alcohol, using recreational drugs and being overweight as likely to harm male fertility, but this was not supported in [read the full story…]

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Report warns of dangers of cannabis and general ignorance

Ignorance about the dangers of cannabis has been revealed this week in a new report from the British Lung Foundation, ‘The Impact of Cannabis on your Lungs’ (PDF). Perceived as less dangerous than tobacco by most users and as harmless by one in three, cannabis smoking carries a twenty-times greater risk of lung cancer than [read the full story…]