Brant Cebulla

Brant Cebulla
Brant has worked in and out of public health and information sciences the past 5 years, including a stint as the Development Director for the Vitamin D Council, a nonprofit that educates on vitamin D, sun exposure and disease. He has keen interests in nutrition, exercise and evidence-based medicine.


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Does high sugar intake affect cholesterol and blood pressure?

It’s been suggested that a high-intake of dietary sugars is a cause of increased blood pressure and poor lipid profile. A recent systematic review in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition investigates further.

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Eat Right 4 Your Type: Is there good evidence?

In 1997, Peter D’Adamo published the book Eat Right 4 Your Type, a book that argues that in order to eat a healthy diet, different blood types need different diets. For instance, D’Adamo makes the claim that blood group O needs a different diet than blood group A. The book has seen tremendous commercial success, [read the full story…]

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Injury prevention apps: Are they making substantiated claims?

Staying injury-free is an important piece to living a healthy, ongoing and active lifestyle. While taking part in physical activity always puts you at greater risk of injury, research in the past two decades has helped us better understand measures we can take to both better prevent and treat injuries, potentially decreasing some of the [read the full story…]

New randomized controlled trial says omega 3s good for the young adult brain

Many people don’t consume very much fish and seafood, or at least compared to how much humans might have gotten before we shifted to an agricultural society. This has led many doctors and scientists to wonder, might we be missing out on all the omega-3 fatty acids in fish? One type of omega-3s is called [read the full story…]

Does cutting the cost of fruit and veg encourage us to eat more of them? New trial says yes

shopping basket with fruit and veg

While there is widespread agreement that people need lots of fruits and vegetables in their diets, most people fall well short of meeting daily recommendations. Studies show that people of lower socioeconomic status get the least amount of fruits and vegetables, leading many public health officials to speculate that making these foods cheaper would help [read the full story…]