Hello, I’m the Lifestyle Elf!

My friends and colleagues who work in health and social care tell me that they don’t have the time to find or read all of the information that is relevant to their work.  New guidance, policy, research, reports and articles are published every day, but it’s increasingly difficult to keep up to date with material that is relevant and reliable.

I will find just what you need to keep up-to-date with all of the important and reliable information related to healthy lifestyle.

You don’t have to waste time looking at dozens of websites and articles every week.

I will post updates three times a week with short and snappy summaries that highlight evidence-based publications that are relevant to healthy lifestyle in the UK and further afield.

You will be the first to hear about key guidanceresearch and policy information.

No jargon, no misinformation, no spin, just what you need!

Who is the Lifestyle Elf?

The team behind this website are:

  • Douglas Badenoch, Director of Minervation and Chief Blogger for the Lifestyle Elf
  • Brant Cebulla, Former Development Director for the Vitamin D Council
  • Sarah Chapman, Works at the UK Cochrane Centre, Former Chief Blogger for the Lifestyle Elf
  • Paul Christiansen, Lecturer at the University of Liverpool
  • Sarah Holloway, Associate Lecturer with the Open University
  • Kirsten Lawson, Consultant Liaison Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for Liaison Psychiatry Services at Kent & Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership NHS Trust
  • Marcus Munafò, Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of Bristol
  • Christopher Sampson, Health economist at the University of Nottingham
  • Caroline Tomes, Public Health Specialty Registrar currently working and living in Cambridge

Minervation Ltd is the evidence-based healthcare consultancy behind the National Elf Service. We build websites and provide consultancy services for public and private sector organisations and charities.

Please use the comment form below if you’d like to ask any questions.

Are there more elves for different health topics?

We are adding to our National Elf Service all the time.  Check out these other elves:

We also have elves in the pipeline for Child Health, Social Care and Stroke.

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Douglas Badenoch

Douglas Badenoch
I am an information scientist with an interest in making knowledge from systematic research more accessible to people who need it. This means you. I've been attempting this in the area of Evidence-Based Health Care since 1995. So far the results have been mixed. For some reason we expected busy clinicians to search databases and appraise papers instead of seeing patients. We also expected publishers to make the research freely available to the people who paid for it.. Ha! Hence The National Elf service.

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